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Lessons: Zürich

Hi, I am available to give bass lessons, I have been playing for many years and played in many bands, I really like to tailor the lessons to the individual and developed a unique teaching method that strives to draw out creativity and personal expression, whilst simultaneously providing a solid grounding in technique and fluency 


• Improvisation (Unlock your creativity and express yourself freely)

• Repertoire (Learn your favourite songs)

• Ear Training (Learn to intuitively play whats in your head)

• Harmony + Theory (Understand music as a language)

• Technique - Finger Style, Slap, Muting, Fretboard Knowledge (Build fluency) 


If you are interested in lessons in the Zurich area please contact via email

looking forward to hearing from you! 

Online Lessons: Musidoo

click the link below to be directed to the online teaching platform for lessons 

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